N-Able-U has been working closely with Nothamptonshire field residents leading them to Milbrook healthcare asessments and olympus Communtity Ocuupational health asessment team. Assessing their homes where found neccessary to installation or equipmmt. We have recently launched our grant aid programme fund professionally prescribed therapy and physio therapy. Seen as essential on thier rehabilition pathway. Beginning with the Northampton polio society who have had a donation funding to continuethier neurological hydrotherapy along with neuro physiotherapy. We are going to fund hydrotherapy assessments and future neurophysio therapy for a paralysed 3 yr old boy to be asessed for the hydro pool To give him a chance to feel his limbs, beetledrive money raised is also funding Dexters neurophysio hydrothapy. In the Chris Moody local therapy pool at Moulton Colledge northampton. Please come aloong to our event and enjoy a chilli potato with your family and friendsenjoy¬† a fun night of beetle with good quality raffle donated by Saindbury’s and Beckworth emporium along with guess the name of the teddy. Prizes for first and last place family fun day!!

Beetle Drive A3 BW