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January Newsletter

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January Newsletter



N-Able-U precisely, empowering disabled and retired Northamptonshire residents to live independently in their own homes by leading them into Olympus healthcare Community Occupational health team assessments their own homes leading where assessed as to installation of stair lifts, safety sensory aids; profile beds, hand rails.

Life lines are essential safety aids for independent living “nothing is too much trouble for them”. “Feel safer now I have the lifeline”. The pendant with emergency button is worn around the neck to alert the using the modem installed in your home to call the call centre within turn will talk to you and ask if you need immediate emergency aid, they will, 365 days of the year, flood alarms fire alert your own nominated people a fitted key box you gain entry to the home. Nominal monthly fee is charge in for these services peace of all times living independently and safely in your own home with total peace of mind 365 days of the year.

N-Able-U n has been invited and accepted a seat on Commissioning Groups (CCGs)

Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) commission most of the hospital and community NHS services in the local areas for which they are responsible.


Commissioning involves deciding what services are needed for diverse local populations, and ensuring that they are provided.

CCGs reassured by NHS England, which retains responsibility for commissioning primary care services such as GP and dental services, as well as some specialised hospital bringing our experiences to them making a real difference.


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 Registered charity number 115486

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