Short Term Assessment & Rehabilitation Team

You can receive support from START if you have experienced a sudden change in your health, and need a little extra help to remain in your home and live safely and independently.
Their aim is to enable you to gain your independence by supporting you to restore your confidence and regain skills. Their Rehabilitation Support Workers are able to help you access specialist equipment such as toilet surrounds, perching stools and commodes to make life easier.
You may receive our service for a few days or several weeks with no charge, whilst they are supporting your rehabilitation and recovery. During this time they will work with you to identfy your needs and ensure that you are fully on your way to regaining independence.

If they identify that we are unable to get you back on your feet in the time you have with us, we support you to arrange ongoing support. START is only able to offer short term reablement so once a long term need is identified START will become a chargeable service and fees will apply if it is clear you will need ongoing support. If you do require ongoing support, we will be able to provide you with information and helpful advice to help you to identify potential care providers who will be able to support you from then on.

Contact the assessment team

This Service requires you to be referred by a healthcare professional.

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Telephone: 01604 366000