Northamptonshire Wheelchair             Service

Millbrook Healthcare offers a service to adults and children who have a permanent disability or medical condition which significantly affects their ability to walk and requires them to use a wheelchair on a long-term basis.
The Northamptonshire Wheelchair Service assess and provide standard and bespoke wheelchairs, buggies, specialist seating systems and pressure relieving cushions, based on the individual’s clinical needs and in line with the eligibility criteria for the service.
We also operate an NHS wheelchair voucher scheme for powered and manual wheelchairs to offer greater choice to our service users. The voucher represents the value of an NHS wheelchair that would have been offered by us and is put towards the purchase of a wheelchair from one of our authorised suppliers. Once purchased, the service user will then own the wheelchair and will be responsible for its ongoing maintenance and repair. However, there are options available where Millbrook Healthcare can cover maintenance and repair costs for a fee over a 5 year period. More information about the voucher scheme is available from the Northamptonshire Wheelchair Service.
The Northamptonshire Wheelchair Service clinics are fully equipped with assessment rooms, accessible weighing scales, mobile and ceiling track hoists and other manual handling equipment.

How to access the Northamptonshire Wheelchair Service

You can be referred to the service by your GP or a healthcare professional. A referral form is available from the wheelchair service. If you are already an existing service user you can self-refer as and when required.
All referrals are prioritised and triaged by a duty clinician and actioned appropriately. We also have a waiting list for assessment and review appointments. Once a referral has been received, we will invite referred service users to attend a clinic appointment where clinical needs can be assessed. Please note however, that assessment does not guarantee provision of equipment. Prescribed equipment (wheelchairs, cushions etc.) is based on the individual clinical needs of the service user.
Once assessed, any handover of equipment will be made by our clinical staff. This will include the demonstrating of safe use of the equipment, information and advice on pressure care and posture management as well as information around the terms and conditions of the wheelchair loan.

Northamptonshire Wheelchair Repair Service 

The wheelchair and its accessories are loaned to service users by the Northamptonshire Wheelchair Service on the conditions provided at handover. The repair service will carry out any required repairs free of charge and must be carried out by one of the service’s authorised technicians. The repair service will also keep a log of repairs and services provided.

About Millbrook Healthcare

Millbrook Healthcare also offer home-based assessments and out-reach clinics for people unable to make it to an assessment unit. If you do make it to an assessment unit they will endeavour to provide you with a standard wheelchair if suitable on the same day.

Wheelchair Voucher Scheme for people who wish to purchase a wheelchair following an assessment either manual or powered chair, they will be offering the national wheelchair voucher scheme please ring for details.

Millbrook Healthcare was formed in 1998 when we were awarded our first wheelchair service contract. Millbrook Healthcare provides wheelchair services for a large number of wheelchair users across England operating out of 7 depots. Our first Community Equipment Service (CES) contract was awarded by Plymouth Health Authority in 2000.

Millbrook Healthcare is a subsidiary of Millbrook Industries which was originally formed in 1946 as a re-upholstery company and remains family owned and managed. We pride ourselves in delivering excellent customer service and clinical support to our service users and are committed to quality and this is borne out in our accreditation
to ISO 9001:2008.

Customer service opening hours:
8.30am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday

Service Manager:  Claire Williams

Email the customer service team

22 Meadow Road
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Tel: 0333 999 0890